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Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you like what I create. 

I have always liked to design and explore art, which started at senior school and has continued throughout my life. Some times it has taken various forms, such as website designs or poster designs. I was heavily influenced back in the late 1960's when music and art was really changing and exciting, and these new exciting graphic designs continued into the "Flower Power" days, which, looking back were really great times. Music, fashion, art and attitudes were all challenging the "norm". 

I started life in Architecture learning my trade and developing my skills on a drawing board. No Autocad for me !! I was still active with designing but not so much as work and family life took much of my free time. So in recent years I have been able to devote more time to my art, and develop new styles and techniques. Currently I am enjoying doing abstracts and impressions using cold wax media and oils. I like to create a palette of vibrant colours that evolve on the canvas. At times I never know what the final piece will look like, which is fun.

I always love it when someone views an abstract and sees something in it that I do not see. 


I have a new dedicated YouTube channel with current demonstrations and tips. Please take a look and subscribe for regular updates.


I have a small selection of paintings on display in Tanya Goddard's Art Salon in St Benedict's Street Norwich (, and in Bannatynes Spa in Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich. 


If you are interested in purchasing any of my oil paintings please note the following:

* The paintings are all rigid, that is to say on stretchers 
* Some are framed, others on block canvas generally A2 or A3 size
* All art is ready to hang and varnished.
* All art comes with a certificate of authenticity
* Please allow time as new art needs time to dry and for varnishing/hanging 
* Shipping to UK only 
* Payment by Paypal
* Commissions taken for abstract art only
* For commissions, a £50 non returnable deposit is required.