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Hi I am Harry and I have always liked to explore art in various forms starting at school and college. Painting and design became my passion, even though I moved into architecture where my love of design and drawing took another form. 

More recently I have started to explore mixed media, using Cold wax Medium with oils, which helped me break out from formal compositions. I am really enjoying  being a web designer as well as exploring new ways to create art. One aspect of painting is that there are always new challenges and new techniques to learn. I often select a composition that still challenges me in some way, especially when painting landscapes and buildings.

I can lose myself when painting and some days I cannot wait to get up and start a new project or continue with a landscape I have on the go. I feel painting is also a great communicator with people. When I meet people who can paint or those who can't, I always find some common ground as everyone has an opinion of some form of art. I also like the fact that art is very subjective, and what appeals to one person is not for others. 

My other main passion is filming. I have been making videos for Youtube for many years and currently have 52 videos on my channel (to date) with the most popular having 278000 and counting !! I am currently making A WALK In.. videos around Norwich, with some interesting facts as I show the viewer around Norwich. My new Sony Action Cam films in 4K so I am exploring new areas of video production.

Currently I am exhibiting my art at  Bannatynes Spa in Norwich, which is proving popular.

I live & work in Norwich UK

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