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Website Design

I started designing websites over 10 years ago and have taken on many small business

websites. I love the challenge to design the perfect website for a client, be it a church, landscape designers, contractors, artists, football fan site etc

I design using Wix online platform as this is easily transferable if the client wants to take control in the future. It is a very flexible application with a huge number of design options, and the websites always look engaging. These days many people use their mobile phone to access websites initially, so I make sure the site is 100% compatible with tablet and mobile.

If you are interested in having a website built, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Latest Website

Screenshot at Nov 12 18-18-25.png

I was commissioned to create a website for my friend in Uganda for her safari company.

I shows 5 safaris and 3 food/historical/cooking experiences and tours in Kampala.


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